No bang theory

Forget Sheldon Cooper, The No Bang Theory tells the real story of life with autism. 

What The people Say

“Congratulations Oliver. Loved it and the teaser definitely left me wanting more. Can’t wait to see the full production! And also, you have such a wonderful voice! “

Merlynn Tong
“Very entertaining, I think it’s got real potential. All the best for the project in the future, I hope to see it live!”

colin smith
“I just watched it and laughed out loud! “

elise Greig
actresswritermatilda award winner
former head matilda judge
“I really enjoyed that! Very funny writing, good timing, and some nice voice work. You have a lovely relationship with the camera. And all that is just gonna keep getting better! Please do keep me posted as it evolves.”

Rob Pensalfini
Artistic Director of the queenslandshakespeare Ensemble