KYB102 Five Year Plan

In five years I want to a full time job in the disability arts sector while spending my free time working on private artistic ventures.

Swat Analysis


  • Contacts- Through Experience in the theatre dating back 15 years I have a plethora of contacts with in the industry. Added to this I have been able to build on these contacts through courses, workshops and master classes, my professional podcast and through associations as the son of a theatre reviewer.
  • Professional Experience- Performed with Brisbane Arts Theatre, Brisbane Youth Drama Ensemble, Little Red Theatre Company, Fame Theatre Company, Studio Theatre Cafe and Harvest Rain
  • Lived Experience- As a person the autism spectrum, I have an insiders perspective on disability which I can bring to the Disability arts sector.
  • Passion- I have an endless love for the arts in general and am passionate about finding ways of using live performance to challenge the way people view disability.
  • Training- Life long learning began at the age of Five at the Fame Theatre Company and has continued to this day with a full time film and television acting course in 2016 and starting a BFA Drama degree at QUT in 2017. I have also had private singing lessons since age 12 and private audition classes in both 2015 (With Penny Farrow) and 2016 (With Dianne Eden). I have undertaken workshops with Rachel Beck, Bryan Probets and Lyall Brooks.


  • Contacts- I know many of the movers and shakers personally but a many of the contacts originated through my mother rather than myself. Also while knowing the movers and shakers are useful in the long run it isn’t partially helpful in the start of my career.
  • People Skills- I am more at home on stage then  performing in the real world. Having autism means I lack the ability to read the room fluently which can be misinterprited.
  • Poor Business Skills-Finicial planing and budgeting remain a weekness that will need to be addressed if I am to produce my own work at some point.
  • Time Management- I will need to gain stronger self discipline in organising my time If I am too succeed in keeping multiple plates in the air at once.


  • Federal Government Disability Arts Review- The Federal Government is in the process of reviewing arts funding in the disability sector which aims to improve access and participation in the arts for people with disability.
  • Indelibility Arts- Through ongoing contacts with Indelability arts which a is an inclusive theatre company that provides professional artistic and training opportunities for artists and community members who identify as having a disability. I am pursuing plans to undertake an internship next year.
  • NDIS-The NDIS funding gives people with a disability greater control over the services they receive in order to improve their outcomes in life and build skills and capacities. This includes the arts.
  • Global Games 2019- As part of the INAS Global Games there is an arts section run by Indelibility Arts which I plan to help facilitate.


  • Competition- This is a competitive field with limited resources. I will be graduating alongside a large number of highly motivated and equally talented students all searching for similar work.
  • Insecure nature of Arts Funding- Many ongoing arts jobs particularly in the disability arts sector are at the whim of the government of the day the arts tend to be the first thing cut in difficult financial times.
  • Federal Government Disability Arts Review- With a review still underway it is impossible to know what the result will and if it will be positive or negative.

Time Line


  • March- Begin An Internship with Indelibility Arts
  • May- Have a work included in the Anywhere Theatre Festival
  • August- Stage a work at Short and Sweet Festival
  • October- Present my Final Drama Production 5 for Audiences
  • November- Complete BFA Drama


  • Ongoing- Continue work with Indelibility Arts
  • January- Become a La Boîte Ambasador
  • February- Be one of the new Matilda award judges
  • March- Enter a work in the La Boîte Theatre Company HWY program
  • May- Stage another work in the Anywhere Theatre Festival


  • Ongoing- Continuing work with Indelibility Arts
  • Ongoing- Matilda’s Judging
  • May- Stage another Anywhere Theatre Show
  • July- Stage a professional production at Metro Arts developed from the La Boîte HWY Program
  • November- Produce a Cabaret as part of the Wonderland Festival


  • Ongoing- Continuing work with Indelibility Arts
  • June- Produce a work as part of the Melt festival
  • September- Present a Co Pro with Understudy Productions of Pippin
  • November- Produce a modern Adaptation of Othello with Iago being a Donald Trump like Figure through the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble.


  • Ongoing- Continuing work with Indelibility Arts
  • January- Begin Drama workshops with Minds and Hearts to work with teens on the Autism spectrum.
  • August- Produce a Co pro with The Good Room dealing with parents on the Autism Spectrum.